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Top of the day to you this is Lieutenant Finley director of the FBNL unsolved crimes unit.  Due to recent unwanted publicity and an unprecedented amount of pressure from the Facebook group Justice4O’Giddy.  The FBNL is in desperate need of Agents with a fresh perspective and an intuitive nature.  The case is the unfortunate death of local Leprechaun and celebrity I might say Landon O’Giddy.  Landon met his unfortunate death while being beaten with a flute, clearly a crime of passion.  However the murder weapon was never found, and we only have one weak suspect. The FBNL needs your help more than ever to enroll today!

Dublin citizens are frantic, without Green Beer Dublin citizens are angry, and grumpy!  Who knows what could happen next and how will Dublin survive this crisis.   Lenora the owner of Things Celtic and O’Dublin’s underground pub is missing, too afraid to face the angry mobs that stand protesting “We want our Green Beer”.  Meanwhile the FBNL has been called in to investigate the brutal murder of our Landon O’Giddy.  Are these two crimes related?  Is Lenora's disappearance a sign of guilt?  No one really know. But more importantly what we drink this St. Patty’s Day

Concerned Citizen

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FBNL is called in to HELP


It's 1891, a time before planes flew freely in our skies, it was a simpler time, a time where a brisk stroll down the brick paved roads was the most exciting thing to do on a sunny afternoon.  This is where the story begins, and why we think it has something to do with Landon O'Giddy's sticky end.


Hank Ikelbard, a local farmer, had just arrived in Dublin, Tx. He had intended to pick up some much needed supplies from the Cotton Gin, but to Hank’s disappointment the Cotton Gin was closed.  “No Supplies today,” said Hank to himself as he headed back to his cart. When an object appeared above him floating in the sky. It appeared so quickly, a flash of time so instant, that it lacks all description.


There was Hank, along with many other locals, their heads turned toward the sky wondering what this phenomena could be!  As more and more citizens walked outside to see what was going on, the object began to glow and eventually turned into a light so bright, that it left the beholders momentarily without sight.  And then the EXPLOSION!  The doors rattled in their frames, windows creaked and moaned from the intensity of the blast. 


The object exploded and crashed to the ground, burning everything around it.


  Witnesses returned to the site the next day and reported finding remnants of metal, stones, and objects that, well to keep it simple, were just not from this world.  While searching the site Hank stumbled across a creature he saw crawling out from the debris. Free of the rocks that landed on top of it’s head, the creature stood no taller than 2 feet.  A large button nose and a weathered brown hat, this creature had no idea where it was at. Startled by the humans, the creature ran for its life. Excited and dumbfounded, Hank ran after him but he tripped and landed amongst the debris.  It was there Hank found another mystery, a parchment of paper with inscriptions that again were not from this world, and what the writings he held meant he did not know.


But shortly after this day, things started happening that no one could explain, mysterious green ale being served at O'Dublins Pub, missing cats, items moving from place to place and lets not forget the creepy strange sounds people hear at night. 


Years went on, and this story grew like most stories do. But Dublin locals have stood by their claims.  They believe that the mysterious thing from the sky and the creature that appeared with it are the cause of all Dublin's unsolved mysteries.  

As for how the creature looks, some say the creature was green, others say it had a full beard and curly red hair, but most of us believe that it was on that day that Hank Ikelbard was the first to see our beloved Landon O’Giddy.